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Long May It Last

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I once heard a story
Of an evening refusing to end
Did its best to stay going
Its beloved daylight was there to defend
Took such delight
From the dead of the night

For answers that lie in the morning
When the dim light of cars cuts the air
Creeps from the dark
Plays its part
Road before you its there
Subtle yet so seen
We wouldn't know what it means

Although I know
That's not strictly true
It meant something to me and I know something to you
Oh the seed in the ground it holds until it's time
Stay and freeze
Arise and shine

As the wind whistles the treetops not meaning to offend them
Announcing its presence as if it was recommended
Spares the blushes of an onlooking offender
Who couldn't tell you if his life is bad or if it's getting better
Oh a poet he swigs from his empty bottle
Lays himself down with his foot on the throttle
And a rose oh it stands arisen at last
Breathing through its future and drowning in its past

Long may it last
Long may it last
Long may it last
Long may it last